Dividend summary for April

The first month of the quarter has generally been a strong month for me in terms of dividends. GE and the tobacco stocks which form a major chunk of my portfolio pay out in the first month of the quarter.

Here are the dividends for April 2014.

Stock Dividend Amount Difference from Same month, last year % diff from last year
AET $2.25 $0.25 12.50%
GE $82.50 $30.25 57.89%
HPQ $29.77 $2.71 10.01%
MO $36.00 $3.00 9.09%
PM $23.50 New Investment
Total $174.02 $59.71 52.24%

Dividends from AET, MO and HPQ has increased compared to previous year due to dividend growth. It is wonderful to see the dividends increasing regularly without any additional work on my part. Also, the dividends from my purchases of PM and GE early this year has started kicking in. Overall, the dividends has increased by $59.71 over April of last year which represents about 52% improvement.

April 2014 Dividends

It is really wonderful to see the growth in dividends in just 5 years time. Even though a major chunk of the increase has come from new/additional investments, a small portion of the increase over the years has resulted because of dividend growth which is the ultimate aim of the Dividend Growth Journey.

Progress for 2014:

With April dividends, my total for the year stands at $420.48 which represents 35.04% of my 2014 target of $1,200.00. Coupled with the recent new investments, I believe that I will achieve the goal comfortably. Maybe I should have set a higher target, but I did not expect to invest so much this early in the year.

The dividends page will be updated to reflect the April dividends.

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