Dividend summary for May 2014

The second month of the quarter is the slowest month for me in terms of dividends. In fact, as you can see the chart below, it was so less until late 2012 before AAPL started paying dividends. Even with that, the second month of the quarter was much less compared to my annual dividends. But something is better than nothing I guess 🙂 

Here are the dividends for May 2014.

Stock Dividend Difference from Last year % diff from last year
AAPL $32.90 $17.65 115.74%
C $0.15 $0.00 0.00%
GIS $4.10 $0.80 24.24%
PG $9.65 $0.63 6.98%
ARCP $10.42 New Investment
KMP $34.50 New Investment
Total $91.72 $64.00 230.88%

Dividends from AAPL has increased compared to last year due to additional purchases and dividend growth. GIS and PG also increased the dividends from last year. Also, the dividends from my purchases of ARCP and KMP this year has started rolling in. Overall, the dividends has increased by $64.00 over May of last year which represents about 230.88% improvement. I am sure that I will not be able to sustain such percentage growth, but an increase of $64.00 YoY is really good.

May 2014 Dividends

Progress for 2014:

With May dividends, my total for the year stands at $512.20 which represents 42.68% of my 2014 target of $1,200.00. With the new investments, I hope to achieve this target comfortably.

The dividends page will be updated to reflect the April dividends.

4 thoughts on “Dividend summary for May 2014

    • Yup. Apple has gone up quite a bit in the last month or so. When I purchased Apple couple of years back, I got it as a growth stock since they weren’t paying dividends back then. But now, they have started and also increased the dividends and has become a one of the top dividend stock in my portfolio in terms of the amount of dividends 🙂

  1. $90+ is still a solid month. It looks like you should probably reach your dividend goal for the year so congrats! I’m behind my goal right now but I’ve got a lot of capital and a little over half a year to do some damage. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks. I will reach the dividends received target comfortably. I am yet to reach the target for future annual dividends. Hopefully with investments for the rest of the year, I can reach that goal.

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