Portfolio update for May 2014

At the end of May 2014, my portfolio stood at $59,900.54 across all my accounts combined. The portfolio is not as big as I would like at this stage of my life since I did not invest much the last few years. I have really started focusing on investing in solid dividend companies since the beginning of this year and I hope to continue to do that. In fact, since the beginning of this year, I have invested over $17,000.

Stock Total Quantity Current Price Current Value
GE 375 $26.79 $10,046.25
HPQ 205 $33.50 $6,867.50
AAPL 10 $633.00 $6,330.00
CMG 10 $547.09 $5,470.90
XLK 100 $37.82 $3,782.00
MO 75 $41.56 $3,117.00
SCHD 75 $38.02 $2,851.50
F 150 $16.44 $2,466.00
CVX 20 $122.79 $2,455.80
PM 25 $88.54 $2,213.50
KMP 25 $76.05 $1,901.25
TGT 30 $56.76 $1,702.80
ARCP 125 $12.41 $1,551.25
CBRL 15 $100.55 $1,508.25
VPU 15 $93.22 $1,398.30
PG 15 $80.79 $1,211.85
COP 10 $79.94 $799.40
AET 10 $77.55 $775.50
C 15 $47.57 $713.55
VWO 15 $42.21 $633.15
GOOGL 1 $571.65 $571.65
GIS 10 $54.93 $549.30
GOOG 1 $559.89 $559.89
PSX 5 $84.79 $423.95
Grand Total $59,900.54

2014 May - Portfolio

As you can see above, the top 4 stocks in my portfolio (GE, HPQ, AAPL and CMG) constitute close to 50% of my entire portfolio. I have always had a liking to GE which is a reason I have accumulated lot of that. HPQ and CMG is so huge because of the stock appreciation over the last couple of years. I definitely have to work on diversifying my portfolio which is something that I plan to concentrate this year.

I will be reporting my portfolio status at the end of each month along with the progress compared to previous month.

4 thoughts on “Portfolio update for May 2014

  1. DGJ,
    Good looking portfolio there. And great job with the fresh capital additions this year. $17k is quite hefty!
    I’m jealous of that GE position. That’s a company I generally like, and have been adding to when I’ve been able to.
    And the diversification will happen over time as you add to other positions or initiate new ones, bringing some of those big investments down. And you could always reduce some of the bigger positions like HPQ manually if you need to.
    Keep up the great work!
    Best wishes.

    • 17k in 5 months was possible because I have been sitting on lot of cash for a while now. Started aggressively investing from this year after reading blogs like yours.
      Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Your portfolio is looking great! I want to own so many of these companies. Welcome back to investing aggressively and you’re going to see some serious results very quickly. Good job!!!

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