Dividend summary for June 2014

There is nothing more satisfying than looking at the dividend income received for the month realizing that you are taking small (but important) steps towards your goals.

June has been another such month with good dividends. I don’t own a lot of stocks that pay dividends in the 3rd month of the quarter and in general it is a slow month. But things have started to change because of my investments from early this year. Overall, I received $128.09 in dividends which is the highest I received for a 3rd month in a quarter. Also, I exceeded $100.00 mark twice this quarter and hope to do it every month soon.

Here are the dividends for June 2014.

Stock Dividend Difference from
Last year
% diff from
last year
COP $6.90 $0.30 4.55%
F $18.75 $3.75 25.00%
PSX $2.50 $0.94 60.26%
SCHD $20.20 New Investment
VPU $11.15 ($0.61) -5.19%
VWO $6.27 ($1.32) -17.39%
XLK $17.60 XLK changed their payout
schedule July to June.
ARCP $10.42 New Investment
TGT $12.90 New Investment
CVX $21.40 New Investment
Total $128.09 $85.58 201.32%

COP, F and PSX increased their dividends compared to last year and hence there is positive difference. Dividend growth is a main factor that adds to the compounding effect. Couple of ETFs (VWO and VPU) have reduced it. I am not too concerned about these ETFs since their payouts are not as consistent as the stocks and some payouts are huge compared to others. I will keep a tab to make sure that the annual dividend is not going down, but growing.

XLK changed their payout schedule and hence there are no numbers in June 2013. It will be reflected in July dividends. The rest of the increase is due to the new investments which is great.

Overall, the dividends has increased from:

  • June 2013: $42.51, increased by $85.58, 201.32% increase.
  • March 2014: $74.47, increased by $53.62, 72% increase.

I like looking at raw numbers from different perspectives including charts. Here are some charts looking at dividend growth over the years 🙂

2014 June Dividends 1

June dividends over the years

As you can see above, June dividends haven’t been that great until 2013 and has really shot up this year. I would like it to go even higher in the upcoming years.

Dividends until June

This chart shows the dividends that I have received until June each year. I received $0.00 in dividends until June of 2009 since I started investing sometime in that year. It is nice to see the growth over the years.

2014 June Dividends 3

The above chart represents the total annual dividends. 2014 Dividends of $640.29 until June represents 79.04% of my total 2013 dividends. Hopefully I surpass it by the next month or two.

Progress for 2014:

With June dividends, my total for the year stands at $640.29 which represents 53.35% of my 2014 target of $1,200.00. With the new investments, I hope to achieve this target comfortably.

The dividends page will be updated to reflect the June dividends.

8 thoughts on “Dividend summary for June 2014

  1. DGJ,

    Those charts look great. Consistently rising bars month after month and year after year is where you want to be. You’ll be able to see the exponential growth later down the road. Exciting stuff!

    Keep it up. Progress is definitely occurring right before your eyes. 🙂

    Best wishes.

    • Thanks. Like you said, consistently increasing dividends compared to previous quarter and previous year are proofs that I am on the right track and seeing this increase gives the necessary boost in confidence.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    • Thanks and Welcome to the dividend investing club. Keep focused on investing in quality dividend paying stocks and your portfolio will build over time and start snowballing soon.
      All the best and keep in touch.


  2. Hi DGJ,

    Congrats on great dividend income for June! It looks like you’re easily going to make your $1,200 target this year.
    It’s awesome watching the dividend income grow and see the improvements from the year prior! Keep it up!

    Best wishes!

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