Dividend Increase – KMP

KMP (Kinder Morgan Energy Partners) announced a new quarterly dividend of $1.39 up from $1.38 last quarter and up from $1.32 from last year. This represents a 5.3% increase compared to last year. The new dividend represents a yield of 6.75% based on today’s closing price of $82.35. They have also increase their dividends multiple times a year for the past few years.

I purchased KMP back in March this year as a speculative position because of their high yield. The results announced today missed on earnings, but beat on revenue. Hopefully they are able to continue to grow their profits and also their dividends.

4 thoughts on “Dividend Increase – KMP

  1. Thanks for sharing this recent dividend increase with us. I used to own KMP a few years ago. I sold it after it went up and moved my money elsewhere. This is a pretty high dividend increase for a stock that already yields a pretty high amount.

    • A high but looks to be a risky yield. Not sure how long they can continue this high yield.

      Never looked at EPD in detail. Quickly looked at now and looks to be one of the largest midstream companies. Their revenue and EPS has been going up and down the last few years, but that is typical for most companies in this sector. Morningstar has rated EPD as 3 stars with a fair value of $73.00. With a yield of 3.70%, this surely looks interesting and also the fact that they have been able to increase the dividends regularly for the past few years.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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