Portfolio update for July 2014

At the end of July 2014, my portfolio stood at $65,135.23 across all my accounts combined. Comparing to my portfolio balance of $62,744.70 at the end of June, this represents an increase of $2,390.53 for the month of July which represents a 3.81% increase for the month.

Of the increase, new investments (MCD) accounted for $1,771.00, thereby giving a net increase of $619.53 for the month (0.98%).

I had just one purchase for the month of July. I had purchased MCD prior to their results and they have dropped considerably since then. If the pullback continues, I might look to add more to average my position. The recent pullback have opened up some attractive prices for some of the stocks. I am looking to purchase stocks mentioned in my watch list for August and also any other stock that might become attractive based on the recent pullback.

Here is a graph showing the growth of my portfolio since 2009. As always, it is satisfying to see the graphs going higher each month/year. It reinforces the fact that I am making progress towards my goals.

2014 July Portfolio Growth


Disclosure: Long MCD

8 thoughts on “Portfolio update for July 2014

  1. DGJ,

    Love the chart! Onward and upward. 🙂

    Looks like you had a pretty great moth for your fund. My portfolio took a little hit in value, but that just means stocks are getting cheaper. I love the sound of that!

    Best wishes.

  2. DGJ,

    I’m also digging the chart. Excellent month for your portfolio through some major turbulence. It’s great when one or two stocks can hold the value up while you still have the option of averaging down on any other positions. Now I’m craving a Chipotle burrito… 🙂

    • Yeah Ryan… Charts are great and I try to put one out whenever I can. Chipotle has definitely helped my portfolio this month, but it has single handedly pushed it the other way too multiple times 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. DGJ,

    I think I must be the last person on Earth without a chart of some kind. I guess I better start watching some Youtube chart videos. 🙂 Great job growing your portfolio and of course, its byproduct, your dividends.


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