Sharebuilder Purchase – 10/21/2014

Here are my sharebuilder automatic investments this week (10/21/2014).

  • AFL – 1.7286 shares @57.85
  • V – 0.4763 shares @209.96
  • DIS – 1.1469 shares @87.195 (new position)
  • JNJ – 1.0036 shares @99.645 (new position)
  • WMT – 1.3211 shares @75.695 (new position)

AFL continues to drift downwards since I initiated the position last month and I have been adding to it each week. I added more to V after it went lower than my average price. KO and PEP has been going upwards and hence decided to hold off a bit on those (KO did drop yesterday though). I initiated new positions in three new stocks and all these have been stocks that I have been on the lookout for a while. JNJ and WMT are stocks that have great dividend history with decent dividend yields. DIS’s yield is low and they pay out annually. But I feel that they have great growth potential and including dividend growth based on the brands they own. Their sports TV division (ESPN and its family of networks) is a gold mine that has huge growth potential. The movie division has good brands including Star Wars and coupled with the theme parks etc, I think they have huge potential to grow.

I invested a total of $500 ($100 in each stock). These purchases add $9.65 to my annual dividends. This results in 1.93% yield. Over the course of next several weeks/months, I plan to build positions in the above stocks.

Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above

10 thoughts on “Sharebuilder Purchase – 10/21/2014

  1. Hi DGJ,
    You made some nice picks there. I like companies with strong brands especially and your selections are definitely great for the long term. I own JNJ too and am watching AFL, and while I like Visa and Disney, their dividends are too low for me to consider them right now.
    Best wishes,

  2. DGJ,

    Sharebuilder is great way to diversify your portfolio in a relatively short period of time. Its good to see you making regular investments. I really need to start a position in JNJ before it skyrockets again.


  3. I really like DIS here and I feel like its at a fair price considering what the price could be in a few years from now. I have to increase my position. Any idea when the ex-dividend date is for DIS will be?

    • DIS is really a promising stock for the long term with all the media and entertainment brands they own. I am looking to slowly build the position over the next few weeks and months.
      The ex-dividend date is roughly mid-Dec since they pay annual dividends.

  4. Thanks for sharing your recent purchases with us. I like the AFL average down. I have been adding to that position for several months now and it has become my largest holding in my portfolio. You and many other DGI bloggers are getting into JNJ as well after its recent price decline. Take advantage of every opportunity Mr. Market provides you when stocks go on sale.

    • JNJ was a good buy last week. But unfortunately, the price jumped again by about 5% and hence I didnt add to it this week. Will be keeping an eye on it to add as and when the price declines.
      AFL continues to be down and provides a good opportunity to average down if needed.

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