Portfolio update for November 2014

At the end of November 2014, my portfolio stood at $80,969.64 across all my accounts combined. Comparing to my portfolio balance of $75,005.18 at the end of October, this represents an increase of $5,964.46 for the month of November which represents a 7.95% increase for the month. 

Of the increase, new investments accounted for $2,581.00, thereby giving a net portfolio increase of $3,383.46 or 4.51% for the month.

I purchased COP at the beginning of the month. I also continued my weekly sharebuilder purchases through which I invested $1,200 in AFL, DIS, PEP, JNJ and WMT. The oil sector has been week during the last several weeks and I used it as an opportunity to add to my COP position in November. The oil sector continues to be weak and I plan to add more to this sector if possible in the next few days.

Here is a graph showing the growth of my portfolio since 2009. As always, it is satisfying to see the graphs going higher each month/year. It reinforces the fact that I am making progress towards my goals.


Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above.

6 thoughts on “Portfolio update for November 2014

  1. That chart keeps looking better and better every month. Keep up the good work. Good call on adding more energy stocks – COP is a fantastic long term hold.

    Best wishes

  2. Good stuff here. Even without the new capital invested you are still up. The new highs in the stock market is raising the value of every DGI blogger out there. But the reality is it can all go away in a flash. What we really care about is the dividend income. Keep on moving forward. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks DivHut. You are right.. the portfolio gains are just on paper based on current market conditions and could just go away. If that happens, I am sure the we would use it as an opportunity to add more shares in great stocks.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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