Dividend summary for November 2014

There is nothing more satisfying than looking at the dividend income received for the month and realizing that you are taking small (but important) steps towards your goals.

November 2014 has been another great month. I received $118.32 in November. Even though I crossed the $200 mark for the first time ever last month, like I mentioned it will be a while before I can do it every month. The first month of the quarter is the best one for me. But anyway, November has been an improvement over previous comparable months and that is what is important.

Here are the dividends for November 2014.

  • AAPL $32.90
  • C $0.15
  • GIS $4.10
  • PG $9.65
  • ARCP $10.42
  • KMP $35.00 (final dividend)
  • CBRL $15.00
  • CLX $11.10

This will be the last dividend for KMP because of the merger with KMI. I just received the KMI stocks in place of the KMP that I held. This will also affect my projected annual dividends which I will calculate soon and update my portfolio sheet.

Here is how November 2014 compares with previous months.

  • November 2013: $28.22, increased by $90.10, 319.28increase.
  • August 2014: $106.97, increased by $11.35, 10.61% increase.

Here are some charts looking at dividend growth over the years 🙂

The below chart shows November dividends over the years. Looking forward to seeing this chart go higher and higher.

The below chart shows the dividends that I have received until November each year. By November last year, I had received $753.47 and it has grown to $1,404.32 this year.

The below chart represents the total annual dividends.

Progress for 2014:

With November dividends, my total for the year stands at $1,404.32 which represents 93.62% of my 2014 target of $1,500.00. I had an initial goal of $1,200 at the beginning of the year, but increased it to $1,500 early July since it looked like I was going to hit the target with months to spare. I will be meeting this goal with my projected December dividends.

The dividends page will be updated to reflect the November dividends.

Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above.

5 thoughts on “Dividend summary for November 2014

  1. Congrats on the dividend income, DGJ. Those charts are looking great! Btw, how are you generating them? Are those excel charts?


    • Thanks R2R. You are doing great there too. Over $4000 in dividend income is wonderful. Looking forward to when I can hit these kind of numbers.
      Yes. These are excel charts. I am big user of excel and maintain all my portfolio related numbers in excel and do lot of charts.

      • OK. Thanks for sharing. Ive moved onto Google Docs now adn find it useful when my documents are online and I can use it from multiple machines.
        Btw, I dont generate $4K in dividends. Dividends are just a part of my passive income. The total posted there includes dividends + other passive income.


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