Sharebuilder Purchase – 2/3/2015

Here are my sharebuilder automatic investments this week (2/3/2015).

  • AFL – 1.7115 shares@58.4277 ($100)
  • JNJ – 0.9858 shares@101.4396 ($100)
  • T – 2.9356 shares@34.065 ($100) new position

I invested a total of $300. I continued to add AFL and JNJ from last week. I was not planning to add AFL, but it did drop over 3% between last purchase and Monday. But of course, it did increase again Tuesday along with the rest of the market. I still got it less than my average price. I continued to add JNJ as the stock stays around $100 mark. I would like it to drop even more, but I plan to add more as long as the price is less or around the $100 mark.

I did not continue to add BBL for couple of reasons. The price has increased quite a bit in the last few days and the price is almost 10% over my average price. Also, like I mentioned last week, I have a reasonably sized position in BBL and would like to hold off adding to it while I build or initiate the positions in other stocks. I will add more BBL if the price drops from the current levels.

I initiated a position in AT&T (T). I don’t have any exposure in any telecom stocks and have been looking to add T and/or VZ for a while now. I decided to initiate position in T and I plan to build the position slowly over the next few weeks/months.

These purchases add $10.95 to my annual dividends. This results in 3.65% yield.

Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above

8 thoughts on “Sharebuilder Purchase – 2/3/2015

  1. DGJ, Nice move adding AFL. I’ve been so close to purchasing them for some time and kept thinking it would retrace into the lower $50s so I never did.

    And welcome to the T club! I view that as a cornerstone stock of my portfolio and even though my position is relatively large, I’m willing to increase it more.

    • Thanks. AFL has bounced back considerably in the last few days and it has hit the $60 mark today. I probably will hold off adding AFL for a while now until the prices or valuations change.
      T has been one of the stocks that I was planning to initiate for a long time. Finally did it this week and will continue to add to the stock.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Like the AFL and JNJ add as I have both in my portfolio as well. Not too keen on T or VZ for that matter. AFL is my largest holding and though I won’t be adding to it any time soon I still would like to someday at slightly better pricing. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks DH. T/VZ are somewhat in an odd position with the dividend investors. Some like it for the yield and the consistent dividends. Some don’t like the stock because of their low dividend growth and low capital growth. It is definitely a risky choice since the stock has been stagnant around the same range for over 3 years now. Their P/E is also high compared to the market. But I am hoping that they stock will turnaround in the long run as more and more people start paying more for the data usages. Their pending Direct TV acquisition could also provide another avenue for growth. Another reason I wanted to get into the stock was diversification since I don’t hold any stock in the telecom/communication sector. So let’s wait and see.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  3. Hi DGJ,
    Congrats on another step to financial independence! I own both T and JNJ but not AFL – I also used my sharebuilder purchase to add to JNJ this week. While I like T, it currently pays too much of my total dividend income so I’ve not been adding to it lately.
    Best wishes,

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