Sharebuilder Purchase – 2/17/2015

Here are my sharebuilder automatic investments this week (2/17/2015).

  • JNJ – 1.0061 shares@99.395 ($100)
  • KO – 2.3972 shares@41.715 ($100)
  • T – 2.8981 shares@34.505 ($100)

I invested a total of $300. I added the same set of stocks from last week as the prices for all three have declined compared to last week. JNJ and KO are right around my average price and I just started adding T. I will continue to add JNJ and T as long as the price remains attractive. Will revisit the price of KO towards the end of this week for next week’s purchases. Will also consider adding PEP if the price drops below 95 levels. I will continue monitor these stocks for next week’s purchase along with PEP and WMT.

These purchases add $11.19 to my annual dividends. This results in 3.73% yield.

Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above


4 thoughts on “Sharebuilder Purchase – 2/17/2015

  1. Hi DGJ,

    I like all three purchases and they’re a little cheaper than last week which is always a plus!

    WMT’s on my watchlist too but I’ve not yet purchased any of their shares. I know PEP are popular but I must admit that I don’t tend to look at them since I hold KO and I figure one is enough when there are so many diverse companies in the consumer defensive sector.

    Best wishes,

    • That’s true DL. KO and PEP are pretty similar with overlapping products. I with that each company diversifies in different directions in the long run – like KO getting into Milk, Monster Energy drinks and Keurig stakes and PEP going more into the snacks sector that they already have a foothold into. Let’s see.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

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