Sharebuilder Purchase – 2/24/2015

Here are my sharebuilder automatic investments this week (2/24/2015).

  • JNJ – 0.9935 shares@100.655 ($100)
  • KO – 2.3711 shares@42.175 ($100)
  • T – 2.9399 shares@34.015 ($100)

I invested a total of $300. I added the same set of stocks from last week as the prices for all three either declined or stayed around the same range. JNJ and KO are right around my average price and I just started adding T. I will continue to add JNJ and T as long as the price remains attractive. Will revisit the price of KO towards the end of this week for next week’s purchases.

These purchases add $11.20 to my annual dividends. This results in 3.73% yield.

Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above

8 thoughts on “Sharebuilder Purchase – 2/24/2015

  1. Thanks for sharing your recent buys with us. nice current yield picked up along with those names. JNJ is starting to interest me as well going forward as I will be looking to add to my health names down the road. For now my ficus has been on the Canadian banks.

    • That’s true. You have been adding Banks lately – something I want to add soon to my portfolio since I don’t have much exposure to banks. JNJ is a good long term buy, but looking to add more at the 90s if possible.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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