Two Milestones this week

I hit two milestones this week. These milestones are not related to dividend income, portfolio value or dollars invested etc. Those kind of milestones are documented in goals here. I had also documented some finance related milestones lately.

But the milestones that I want to talk about today are about this blog itself. I started this blog sometime in June 2014. It has been about 9 months since then. One of the goals I had when I started this blog was to ensure that I was active in updating this blog, the reasons for which are two-fold.

  • Documenting my financial progress in this blog helps me to stay focused towards my financial goals
  • Another reason for this blog is to share the information that I can with others like me

On those lines, I believe I have been able to keep this blog updated as much as I can. With that out the way, the following are the two milestones that I hit this week.

  • I posted my 100th post this week. The post was the goals update for February. 100 posts is not a great count for some, but I am not a full-time writer to spend as much time as others. So I was pleasantly surprised when WordPress mentioned that I had just posted my 100th post.
  • The total number of hits or views on this blog crossed 25,000 just recently. Please note that this is not a weekly count or monthly count. This is my total overall count up to date. I know, this is not a great number. Most of the dividend blogs that I follow get these kind of numbers in a single day/week/month. But still, it is something that felt great.

I am hoping that I can continue maintaining this blog with updates from my investments and dividends for months to come. Thank you for all your support.

13 thoughts on “Two Milestones this week

  1. way to go man! it’s wonderful you have been able to post so frequently! and 25,000 views is not to be sniffed at! that’s almost 3k views per month, which I think is pretty awesome! I think I’m only averaging around 2k views per month perhaps?


  2. 100 posts in 9 months is real good! Plus, I’ve learned throughout the years that the quantity should never win over quality in that matter. You shouldn’t diminish the value of these milestones. We’ve all been in that position and I can still remember how happy I was. Keep it up! 😉

    • Thanks DivGuy. That’s true. Quality should always win over Quantity. As I start to write more and more, I am trying to understand the kind of content that the readers are interested in and looking to write content that are concise and to the point instead of writing something for the sake of writing.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Hi DGJ,

    Congrats! That’s certainly a nice surprise I imagine, even if you weren’t looking for it. Won’t be long to 200 posts and 50,000 views now and the dividends will keep growing all the while.

    Best wishes,

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