Portfolio update – March 2015

Another month has gone by and we are down a quarter in 2015. At the end of March 2015, my portfolio stood at $90,105.87 across all my accounts combined. Comparing to my portfolio balance of $88,201.15 at the end of February 2015, this represents an increase of $1,904.72 for the month of March which represents a 2.16% increase for the month.

Of the increase, new investments accounted for $5,130.45, thereby giving a net portfolio decrease of $3,225.73 or 3.65% for the month. This follows an increase of almost 5% in February.

I continued my weekly sharebuilder purchases in March. In addition to that, I added to my PM position and initiated a new position in NOV. I also added to F, PM and BP using Scottrade FRIP purchases.

The portfolio dropped in March after an increase in February. The oil prices continue to be range bound and the oil related stocks are still under pressure and that is one reason I added to my BP position and also initiated a position in NOV.

Here is a graph showing the growth of my portfolio since 2009. As always, it is satisfying to see the graphs going higher each month/year. It reinforces the fact that I am making progress towards my goals.


Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above.

14 thoughts on “Portfolio update – March 2015

  1. It’s always nice to see the value increase overall, even if its only because your contributions outpaced what the acual market did.

    $5K in new investments is not chump change. Good work!

    Onward and Upward!

  2. Hi DGJ,
    Great results there – keep it up! I experienced the same thing too in March: overall value was up due to the amount of new capital but the investments themselves declined. My net decrease was about 1.6% if I’ve calculated it correctly – I’m holding some bond funds which didn’t decrease as much so that helped a bit.

    The important thing is that the dividend income didn’t pay any attention to the market dip though.

    Best wishes,
    – DL

  3. It’s great that you’re still growing your snowball. Sometimes we hit a drier patch of snow that doesn’t stick so well, but it’s still rolling!

    I’m long Ford too, love them

  4. Great job and keep up this pace as long as you can. Of course, portfolio value is secondary to most dividend growth investors. We realize that values can climb or drop on a whim but as long as those dividend keep increasing and rolling in we’re set. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks DH. You are right. Portfolio values are secondary compared to projected dividends. But I still track them because it is a great motivation to see the total value of investments go up over time. Of course, in the short term, there will be ups and downs, but one would want them to grow over time. Another reason is the fact that the portfolio value indirectly affects the dividends as well. We cannot expect the stock price to remain the same for the next 10 years while expecting dividend growth during that time.

  5. DGJ,

    Excellent work considering that your investments took a hit this month, DGI! The fresh capital added this month will now start to work even harder, thus building your net worth even more.

    Keep putting in the work, you’re doing great!


  6. Ford is an interesting pick that you do hear to often. I looked at them when I first got into investing and the thing that worries me the most is whether they can continue to keep up with foreign cars and engineering. They seem to be doing a great job right now and some of the newest cars seem interesting like the Focus that can park itself. The other risks are whether battery operated vehicles like Tesla will steal the market, but I don’t see that happening. The other concern was that when we are in a recession, this is one of the first stocks to tumble. The counter to that argument would be it has survived through thick and thin.

    • That’s true. The auto industry is always at the edge due to market conditions. New car purchases is definitely a discretionary expense that households will put off if economy isn’t doing good. But Ford has been able to survive one of the deepest recessions in recent times while others filed for bankruptcy. But the stock price itself has been range bound for a long time now. The investors will start to become impatient and I hope that doesn’t cause a downward spiral in the stock. I am hoping that the sales will improve over the next couple of years enabling the stock to get out its current range.

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