Sharebuilder Purchase – 6/16/2015

Here are my sharebuilder automatic investments this week (6/16/2015).

  • PEP – 1.0712 shares@93.355 ($100)
  • WMT – 2.7611 shares@72.435 ($200)

I invested a total of $300. I continued to add Pepsi and Walmart from last week as the prices stayed low this week as well. I also added more of Walmart as it continues to drop. I would like to add more capital at these lower prices to continue averaging down. I purchased just 2 stocks this week too (but for the usual $300) since I have to spread my automatic investment credits through 5 Tuesdays in June.

These purchases add $8.21 to my annual dividends. This results in 2.73% yield.

These purchases increase my total annual projected dividends to $2,814.02.

Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above


6 thoughts on “Sharebuilder Purchase – 6/16/2015

  1. Nice buys.. These small purchases each add up over time with more shares accumulated, which increase your dividend income. On top of this, your dividend income increases at a faster rate with dividend increases as you have more shares.

  2. Of the two buys I like your PEP though I would like better prices/valuation though. Still, a great long term buy and I think one day we’ll be reading about a PEP/MDLZ play somehow. Thanks for sharing.

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