Scottrade FRIP Purchases – July 2015

My last FRIP purchases were in March 2015 and I had mentioned that I plan to do quarterly FRIP purchases going forward. My last quarter purchases totaled close to $620.00. This quarter, my purchases ended up being little over $660.00. The following are the FRIP purchases I made on 7/1/2015.

  • PG – 3 shares@79.38 ($238.14)
  • NOV – 5 shares@46.76 ($233.80)
  • CVX – 2 shares@95.67 ($191.34)

As earlier, I added positions to my existing stocks.

  • My PG position is relatively small and have been looking to add to it for a while now. I used this opportunity to add 3 stocks this time. It is not a lot, but again enables to average a bit.
  • My purchases in NOV has been very recent (March and April of this year). The stock has dropped by about 10% compared to my average price. Hence used this opportunity to add 5 more shares to my existing position of 45 shares.
  • Chevron (CVX) has been really hit hard due to oil declines. I currently hold 20 shares which I about a year ago at a price of around $118. Used this opportunity to add couple more shares. I would like to add more of Chevron though.

I invested total of $663.28 for the 3 purchases. Since these were FRIP purchases, there was no commission. These purchases add $25.71 to my annual projected dividends. This results in a yield of 3.87%. Like I mentioned above, I will continue to participate in FRIP program and plan to invest the FRIP dollars every quarter since that will give enough time to accumulate some dollars, but at the same time I can have the dollars working for me sooner.

Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above

4 thoughts on “Scottrade FRIP Purchases – July 2015

  1. Nice work. The FRIP is a great service. I really wish it was still offered. What a great way to reinvest dividends into the best valued stocks each month. I like your NOV purchase. I too have been averaging down by adding more shares at a discount. Keep up the good work.

  2. I also use Scottrade’s FRIP feature… and do it quarterly, too. Its a great way to automatically reinvest dividend income in larger batches.

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