Portfolio update – June 2015

At the end of June 2015, my portfolio stood at $96,069.37 across all my accounts combined. Comparing to my portfolio balance of $97,412.10 at the end of May 2015, this represents a decrease of $1,342.73 for the month of May which represents a 1.37% decrease for the month.

New investments accounted for $1,500.00, thereby giving a net portfolio decrease of $2,842.73 or 0.38% for the month.

I continued my weekly sharebuilder purchases in May. I did not make any other purchases. This follows over $3,700 of new investments in May.

Here is a graph showing the growth of my portfolio since 2009. As always, it is satisfying to see the graphs going higher each month/year. It reinforces the fact that I am making progress towards my goals.

Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above.

7 thoughts on “Portfolio update – June 2015

  1. What is your crossover number? Are you contributing to a 401k? M wife contributes 6% and gets matched 100%. I put in 5% and dont get matched. It is my hedge if I am not able to hit the crossover number. (trying to save for a downpayment, plus potentially having kids)

    • What do you mean by crossover number? Is it the amount needed to fund my living expenses for financial independence?
      My goal isn’t financial independence because with two kids and being a single earner, I don’t think I can attain FI anytime soon. I am contributing to 401k in addition to my investments documented here. I am also saving up for downpayment and college for kids. With so many things going on, I am not going to be able to attain FI until much later (if at all).

  2. The trend is still definitely upwards, so this month will probably end up just being a blip on the screen. Seeing that this bull market probably still has a few more years, the upwards trend in your portfolio will probably continue. Good job 🙂

  3. Keep going as best you can… the dividend snowball will start to grow faster and, with time, very large! You’re almost at the 6-figure mark!


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