Portfolio update – August 2015

At the end of August 2015, my portfolio stood at $98,190.40 across all my accounts combined. Comparing to my portfolio balance of $99,295.14 at the end of July 2015, this represents a decrease of $1,104.74 for the month of August which represents a 1.11% decrease for the month.

New investments accounted for $4,341.70, thereby giving a net portfolio decrease of $5,446.44 or 5.48% for the month. That’s probably the largest drop for my portfolio in recent times. But I am not too worried as this just means that my new investments went a bit farther than otherwise 🙂

I am still shy of the $100K mark again. Been close to it for about 3 months now…

I continued my weekly sharebuilder purchases in August. I used the drop in the last week of August to add to my Unilever (UN) position. I also initiated a new position in Wells Fargo (WFC)

Here is a graph showing the growth of my portfolio since 2009.

Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above.

2 thoughts on “Portfolio update – August 2015

  1. Ciao DGI,
    I guess that everyone this month has has a bad result to report, but all in all is not so much about the actual value of the stocks, right? I am going to run some numbers soon, pretty curious to see how much did the PF dropped…

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