Dividend summary – August 2015

Looking at dividends received though the month and summarizing the numbers at the end of the month is such a great feeling because dividends represent real tangible income. Let’s take a look at the dividends received in August 2015.

After a record-setting month in July, I knew August was going to be a slow month. The second month of the quarter is typically the slowest month. But August was better than I anticipated. 

Here are the dividends for August 2015. Total = $177.35

  • Apple (AAPL) – $36.40
  • Citibank (C) – $0.75
  • General Mills (GIS) – $4.40
  • Procter & Gamble (PG) – $15.25
  • Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc (CBRL) – $61.50 (includes a $45.00 – $3.00/share special dividend)
  • Clorox (CLX) – $11.55
  • Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI) – $26.46
  • AT&T (T) – $21.04

There were dividend increases in KMI, CLX and CBRL. As mentioned above, CBRL also had a special dividend of $3.00/share that increasing this month’s dividends by $45.00.

Here is how May 2015 ($177.35) compares with previous months.

  • August 2014: increased by $70.38, 65.79% increase
  • May 2015: $126.51, increased by $50.84, 40.18increase.

Here are some charts looking at dividend growth over the years 🙂

The below chart shows May dividends over the years. Looking forward to seeing this chart go higher and higher.

The below chart shows the dividends that I have received until August each year. By August last year, I had received $934.73 and it has grown to $1,688.56 this year.

The below chart represents the total annual dividends. Looking at the numbers below, I have received over 100% of my entire 2014 dividends in 8 months in 2015. That’s really impressive.

Progress for 2015:

With August dividends of $177.35, I have received 67.54% of my 2015 target of $2,500.00. As of now, I am on pace to meet the goal and with increased dividends due to dividend increases and new investments, I will be meeting this goal earlier that the end of the year.

The dividends page will be updated to reflect the August dividends.

Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above.

13 thoughts on “Dividend summary – August 2015

  1. It’s really great to see those numbers going up and up. I particularly like to see the comparisons between the Augusts of various years, it somehow feels like progress.

    Keep up the good work


    • Thanks TV. You are right. Comparing same month dividends from earlier years gives a good idea of the overall progress over the years. In addition to that, I also compare the numbers to the same month of previous quarter and see if there is progress there as well.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Ciao DGi,

    Lovely numbers there, keep up the good work! Watching you “older” investors is a bit of a drive for me as I can fantasise on how will my dividend growth be in few years… 🙂

    Ciao ciao


    • Hi Stalflare,
      Thanks for your comments. Considering some of the other investors in the community, I am not “old”. I have started focusing on dividend investing only from 2014 onwards and had some goals to meet. Until then, it was just random investing as and when possible. And you are not too far behind either. Your YTD dividends are pretty good with regular progress. That’s what is the key.
      Keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by.

    • Thanks Ryan.
      Yeah.. the special dividend was a nice bump to this month’s numbers. But now there is pressure to ensure that my next year’s August dividends (without the special dividend) are higher than this August’s numbers so that there isn’t a YoY drop 🙂

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