Scottrade FRIP Purchases – October 2015

My last FRIP purchases were in July 2015 and I had mentioned earlier about my plan to do quarterly FRIP purchases going forward. My last quarter purchases was little over $660.00. This quarter, my purchases ended up being around the same amount at $669.37. The following are the FRIP purchases I made on 10/1/2015.

  • PG – 3 shares@71.65 ($214.95)
  • PM – 2 shares@79.33 ($158.66)
  • XOM – 4 shares@73.94 ($295.76)

As earlier, I added positions to my existing stocks.

  • My PG position is relatively small and the stock has dropped about a little over 10% since my last FRIP purchase in PG. So wanted to add few more shares.
  • Also added to my PM position after a long time. Of course this purchase of 2 shares is negligible compared to my existing position of 50 shares. But still, the stock has been range bound between $75 – $85 for a while now and it might stay that way for more time. So just used this opportunity to add couple more shares.
  • I had initiated position in Exxon-Mobil (XOM) in May this year with a larger than usual purchase of over $2,500. Since then, the stock has dropped little over 10%. Compared to few other oil stocks, this is actually better 🙂 I added 4 more shares to average down slightly.

I invested total of $669.37 for the 3 purchases. Since these were FRIP purchases, there was no commission. These purchases add $27.63 to my annual projected dividends. This results in a yield of 4.12%. I plan to continue my quarterly FRIP purchases, but will keep an eye on my FRIP balance and purchase earlier if something comes up.

These purchases increase my total annual projected dividends to $3,207.62.

Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above

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