Goals update – January 2016

I like to review the progress at least once a month to determine where I am with respect to meeting/achieving my goals.

These are the goals for 2016:

  • Invest at least $25,000
    • New investments in January amounted to $1,200.00. I also made FRIP purchases through Scottrade that totalled $554.40. Total purchases ended up at $1,754.40.
    • But I also sold BAX and BXLT that removed $1,927.73 from my portfolio.
    • Total investments in 2016 so far equals negative $173.33. That’s a great start 🙂 Hopefully, I catch up in February with investments.  
  • Receive at least $3,675 in dividends
    • I received $308.43 in dividends in January. This represents 8.39% of my annual goal.
  • Achieve at least $4,000 in projected annual dividends
    • At the end of January, my projected annual dividends stood at $3,318.98.
  • DO NOT have a portfolio of more than 45 stocks/ETFs
    • Currently hold 44 stocks/ETFs

The goals page will be updated to reflect the progress.

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