Recent Purchase – National-Oilwell Varco, Inc (NOV)

It has been over 3 months since I made any big energy related purchase. The last ones were in November and December when I purchased ConocoPhillips. Since then the energy sector has been range bound and continues to be weak and hasn’t come out of the woods yet. These COP purchases are still in negative territory. But the energy sector still provides one of the most attractive valuations in these market conditions. So I ended up coming back to energy sector with this purchase.
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Recent Purchase – COP

The oil price continues to slide down and this is putting pressure on oil and energy stocks. This has open up buying opportunities in this sector.

COP is one of the stocks that I purchased when I first started investing back in 2009. I still hold it, even though it is not a lot of shares. Since then, COP spun off PSX and I continue to hold that too. Also, in the past few months, I have invested in other stocks in the Oil/Energy sector like CVX, KMP and BP. But I always wanted to add more to my COP holdings. Few months back, I almost placed an order for COP at around $67.00, but instead purchased CVX. Since then COP went from $67.00 to about $87.00 in a span of few months. I was kicking myself thinking that I would never be able to get more COP at $60s.

But like they say – Never say never. The oil price decline has bought the stock back to high 60s for now and I didn’t want to miss this time.
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