Goals update August 2014

I like to review the progress at least once a month to determine where I am with respect to meeting/achieving my goals.

These are the goals for 2014:

  • Invest at least $25,000
    • With just 2 new purchases in August (CLX, GSK), I have invested $22,643.45 so far in 2014 until end of August.
    • With new investments planned for the future, I should be able to meet this goal.
  • Receive at least $1,500 in dividends
    • With an extra $106.97 in August dividends, the total for the year has hit $934.73 which represents 62.31%.
  • Achieve at least $2,000 in projected annual dividends
    • With the new purchases in the recent months and dividend increases announced, my current projected annual dividends stand at $1,917.68.
    • With additional purchases I hope to achieve this comfortably.

The goals page has been updated to reflect the progress until this month.

15 thoughts on “Goals update August 2014

    • Thanks R2R. When I started out, I had smaller goals. I then invested quite aggressively during the first half of the year and hence upped the goals in July. Now that I am very close to meeting them, I am thinking if I should revise them again. Will think about it over the weekend.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  1. DGJ,

    That’s a huge amount of capital you’re putting to work. That’s going to put you in a very comfortable position in just a couple of years. 🙂

    Keep up the great work with the goals. Looks like you’re killing it across the board.


    • Thanks DM. Like I have mentioned in the past, I did not invest much during 2011 – 2013 and have been sitting on quite a bit of cash. I realized it is not the best use of money and hence started investing aggressively since this year. Hopefully I am able to continue to invest at this pace in the upcoming years.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. DGJ,

    Excellent work this year! I’m hoping you can smash that capital invested goal in these last 3 months. I can’t believe you’re going to hit $1,000 in dividends so soon, that income is starting to pour in. Thanks for posting!


  3. DGJ,

    Congrats on your progress. You have pumped a lot of capital into your portfolio this year. It’s awesome! Based on some quick calculations, you should be well on your way to corssing off all three goals by the end of the year. While the actual dividends seems far off, you still have two big boy months left of full payouts. If you received >$100 in August, Sept. and December should be new milestones!

    Keep up the great work. You will surpass your goals before you know it!

    Bert, One of the Dividend Diplomats

      • It wouldn’t be fun if you just blew past all of your goals, right? December will be an exciting month. You will be watching your dividend income like a hawk to see if you will cross the $1,500 mark. I’m excited for you.


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