Sharebuilder Purchase – 9/16/2014

Earlier this week, I had revised my goals for 2014 for the second time. One of the main reason is due to my Sharebuilder account that I recently opened and plan to invest regularly (preferably weekly). It is great to build the portfolio slowly and steadily. $300-$400 a week over a period of time definitely adds up. Here are my sharebuilder automatic investments this week (9/16/2014).

  • AFL – 1.6919 shares @59.105
  • KO – 2.4134 shares @41.435
  • PEP – 1.0868 shares @92.015 (new position)

I invested a total of $300 ($100 in each stock). Like I mentioned before, this is much, but something is better than nothing. I initiated position in PEP which has been on my watch list since August. With the Sharebuilder automatic investment approach, I can build the positions slowly and steadily.

These purchases add $8.32 to my annual dividends. This results in 2.77% yield. Over the course of next several weeks/months, I plan to build positions in the above stocks.

Disclosure: Long on KO, AFL, PEP

6 thoughts on “Sharebuilder Purchase – 9/16/2014

    • I have signed up for the Advantage Plan and this gives me 12 automatic investment credits for $10/month. This is a special pricing option that is available for Costco members along with other special pricing. More details about the special pricing are mentioned here. I am just getting started with the automatic investment plan with sharebuilder and this allows me to invest smaller amounts, but also invest more frequently and regularly.
      Thanks for stopping by.

    • Thanks Special Agent. Yes. You can choose the companies you want to invest each week if you want. The choices have to be made by 5PM the business day for the trade to execute on the Tuesday.
      In fact, I purchased KO, AFL and V on 9/9. Then I purchased KO, AFL and PEP on 9/16.

  1. DGJ,

    Great companies here. AFL in particular appears cheap to me.

    And $300 or so per week definitely adds up over time! The only thing I would question is the commission costs. Even at $10/month for 12 buys, if you’re only spending $1,200 (4 weeks of $300 per week), that’s still fairly costly. I spend $7 per transaction, but generally try to make sure my buys are between $1,200-$1,500, which means my commission costs are about 0.5% or so. $10 over $1,200 is over 0.8%.

    Either way, great way to stay consistent.

    Best wishes!

    • I know the commission at $10/12 comes to about 0.8% for $1200 and I generally try to invest $1500 at Scottrade which results at less than 0.5%. But the added fees allows me get multiple stocks compared to just 1 stock and this allows me to DCA over a period of time. I also plan to increase the amount after a few weeks/months and so hopefully that will reduce the fees a bit. I still plan to use Scottrade if I want to invest ~1500 or so in a single transaction since I have some cash sitting in those accounts anyway. Let’s see how it goes.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

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