Dividend summary – January 2015

The first month of 2015 has gone by rather quickly and it is time to review the dividends received for the first month of the year. I started really focusing on dividend investing early last year and therefore, this is going to be first full year where I can see the benefits of investments from last year. Prior to last year, I was just investing on and off, but never had any concrete goals. Therefore, I was not really tracking or comparing the numbers to see the progress. Starting this blog and documenting my progress has been really a great factor to keep me focused on investing regularly and aggressively. So let’s take a look at the dividends received in January 2015.

January 2015 has been a wonderful month and a great start to 2015. I received $235.85 in January. This is a personal milestone for me and it is the highest (yet) for a single month. October 2014 was the previous high month and it was also the first time ever I crossed the $200 mark. I received $205.70 in October. So it is really great to see over 10% increase the very next quarter.

Here are the dividends for January 2015.

  • AET – $2.50
  • GE – $86.25
  • HPQ – $32.80
  • MO – $39.00
  • WMT – $3.07 (first dividend)
  • PM – $29.00
  • BAX – $13.00
  • PEP – $4.14 (first dividend)
  • DIS – $7.70 (first dividend)
  • GSK – $18.39 (first dividend)

I got my first dividend from several stocks this month and that’s the reason for the push towards a new all time high. This is in spite of losing the ARCP dividend compared to the previous high in October.

Here is how January 2015 compares with previous months.

  • January 2014: $128.52, increased by $107.33, 83.51increase.
  • October 2014: $205.70, increased by $30.15, 14.65% increase.

Here are some charts looking at dividend growth over the years 🙂

The below chart shows January dividends over the years. Looking forward to seeing this chart go higher and higher.

The below chart represents the total annual dividends. Looking at the numbers below, I have received close to 15% of my entire 2014 dividends in just 1 month in 2015. That’s really impressive.


Progress for 2015:

With January dividends of $235.85, I have received 9.43% of my 2015 target of $2,500.00. Even though I have hit close to 10% of my goal in just 1 month, it is little misleading since the first month of the quarter is the highest one for me. Based on previous quarter, I project little over $300 for the next two months combined. So I still need to keep adding capital early to take advantage of the dividends during the remaining quarters to meet the goal for this year.

The dividends page will be updated to reflect the January dividends.

Disclosure: Long on all stocks mentioned above.

14 thoughts on “Dividend summary – January 2015

  1. Way to go!! An 83% increase from last Jan is fantastic! Keep up the great work….looks like you’ve added some really strong new stocks to your portfolio. They should do well for you and your income stream.


    • Thanks R2R. The % comparison to last year is skewed since I really started investing aggressively sometime early last year. That’s why I also compare the numbers with the previous quarter which is more realistic. The new stocks should start adding nice dividends going forward and some of them should see small increases as I accumulate more stocks from the weekly purchases. Let’s see how the rest of the months go.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. It’s cool to see January as someone’s highest dividend month, for me it’s the lowest by far. You’ve got some amazing companies paying here, and I’d be happy to own any of them. Your charts are going to really explode as the year goes on and I’m excited to see the results of all your hard work!

    • Yeah… Most of the dividend investors that I follow have the 3rd month of the quarter as the highest. Huge investments in GE, HPQ and tobacco stocks are the main reason for the 1st month being a huge one for me.
      January was especially higher because of added dividends from DIS which won’t be available until next Jan.

    • Thanks W2R. I am confident that I will hit the goal, but don’t think that it will be easy. Let’s see. It all depends on how much capital I am able to invest during the first few months of the year. Also, January will also be higher than rest of the 1st months because of DIS dividend which I won’t receive until next Jan. So let’s see how the rest of the months play out.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Nice start to the year DGJ. The growth year over year is fantastic, keep up the good work. LIke W2R said above, keep adding that fresh capital and you’ll be sure to hit your $2,500 goal. I look forward to seeing the progress over the upcoming year!

  4. January has always been a low month for dividend income for me. What’s interesting about your post is that we have holdings in common so that’s good news for me as well! 😉

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